Unearth key insights from raw data. Enhance your team's strategy with Battlecards, revealing B2B SaaS competitors' maneuvers for a competitive edge.

Disclose your competitor's weak spots

Identify risks and opportunities

Align teammates on 'how you win'

Create battlecards for all competitors


Fueling Alignment, Saving Time, Increasing Win Rates

Harness the power of Battlecards to foster team cohesion, reduce time wastage, and boost sales victories. With key competitor data - pricing structures, sales tactics, product features, strengths, and weaknesses - at your fingertips, you'll gain a profound understanding of your rivals' operations, paving the way for your strategic success.

Hyper-specific for B2B SaaS

Equip your whole team with Battlecards – our powerful software designed specifically for B2B SaaS. Understand your competitors' strengths, weaknesses, and unique propositions, then use this intelligence to articulate your product's superiority, tackle objections, and close deals faster.

Save time researching competitors, and increase win rates

Maximize your win rates with dynamic Battlecards. Stay ahead of the competition, spend less time researching & updating, and more time winning with Uncovered. Gain a competitive edge, save time, and increase sales productivity - a true win-win solution.